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Nominate a Group Hug Recipient

Before you begin, please be aware of my requirements for a Group Hug recipient:

  * They must have an on-going or serious issue (i.e., cancer not a common cold).

  * They must be o.k. with the fact that you are sharing their information with me/Group Hug         members.  We want to respect their privacy as much as possible.


Nominating is confidential (I will be the only one to see your nomination form). When I share information with the group, I will only share the recipient's first name and pertinent information.  


I hope to be able to encourage as many people as possible in the future, but for the present time we will focus on one person each month.  To continue with a nomination, please fill out the form below.  I will contact you through email if I have any further questions or need clarification. Check out our Facebook page at the beginning of each month to see who our current recipient is! Thank you for your nomination.


P.O. BOX 499

Roanoke, Texas



Nominate a recipient

Thank you for your nomination! New recipients will be announced on the first of each month!

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