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Pancreatic Cancer

January 01, 2019

Families of the Ronald McDonald House Fort Worth

Children with varying illnesses

November 01, 2018


Pancreatic Cancer

October 01, 2018


Unknown Illness

September 01, 2018

UPDATE 10-22-18:  Prayer-  The doctor found nodules in her throat and she has Strep. Keep praying, this poor girl needs it.

Christin & John

House fire burns and loss of children

August 01, 2018

No Updates


Leukemia, Sweets, Disease, and Dying Muscles

July 01, 2018

UPDATE 7-17-18:  Huggers, a little after 9pm last night Brenda went home to be with the Lord. I'm blessed to know that our Hugs made it to her before she passed. Let's continue to pray for her family during this difficult time.

UPDATE 7-14-18:  Our cards were hand delivered to Brenda late last night. This is what my contact had to say on her behalf: "Melissa, thank you and the card club!!! Everyone here is so blessed by them. They were so beautiful".

Aliza & Baby Heidi

Heidi has Cystic Fibrosis

June 01, 2018

Aliza says "Thank you so much for the Mailbox Hug.  I'm so blessed to have such caring people.


Cancer, Husband's death, Job troubles

May 01, 2018

UPDATE 7-17-18:  Huggers, my eyes are full of happy tears! A thank you card came for us in the mail today.  Mandy said, "The cards came right on time. I needed to read and hear God's Word through others. I wasn't having a good day and that truly lifted my spirits."


Myeloblastic Leukemia

April 01, 2018

UPDATE 5-14-18. She got her biopsy results today - the leukemia is gone!!! There are a few gene mutations - less than 3% so he’s going to do a broad spectrum chemo 3x a week for 3 weeks and feels that will take care of that!!

UPDATE 5-10-18. Terri was overwhelmed with all the beautiful cards she received and your nice note Melissa Bass explaining our mission. She had a repeat bone marrow biopsy last week and has an appointment this coming Monday to review her results. Praying she grew back leukemia-free, healthy marrow!

UPDATE 4-26-18 Praise- Terri was released from the University of Chicago last evening. Drs. are feeling confident that the chemo did the trick. Now giving her time for her new bone marrow to grow back.

UPDATE 4-1-18 Praise- The doctor is very happy with her last bone marrow biopsy. He found very few cancer cells, so the chemo is working as planned. They estimate it will be 7-10 days for her bone marrow to grow back, then they'll re-biopsy.  The plan is to give her transfusions until then.


Heart Transplant

March 01, 2018

UPDATE 4-11-18 PRAISE- Casey is home! 

UPDATE 3-24-18 PRAYER- Casey is homesick.  Her voice still isn't back to normal.  She still has a draining chest tube.

PRAISE- She is swallowing, talking, and moving around better. Her appetite is coming back.

UPDATE 3-14-18 PRAYER- She’s homesick, tired of the hospital, and hurting. She has a sore on her backside that is healing slowly. She still has no appetite, and while her vocal fold is healing slowly it’s really frustrating her. She still has a chest tube that’s uncomfortable. 

UPDATE 3-2-18 PRAYER/PRAISE- The surgery was really smooth and overall very successful. She made it through last night like a champ and is really stable today. She’s eaten and had some drink and is letting them take her off some of the drugs. The catheter should be out this afternoon so she can walk around. She has warm feet, color, and a great smile.


Colon Surgery

February 01, 2018

UPDATE 4-2-18 PRAYER- She is having trouble adding some foods back into her diet. She is having some pain. PRAISE- She is back to driving, climbing stairs, and is able to go on walks.

UPDATE 3-13-18 PRAISE- Cathy said With tears in my eyes I opened the many cards sent to me by this glorious group of prayer warriors. Even though I have not met you, I felt like I could see you crafting and creating something special for me. Along with your cards, I felt your prayers.

Today is my best day so far. I am almost 3 weeks postop. It is a slow road but one I'm determined to make. My goal is to make it to my bed this week instead of sleeping in the recliner. I ate some vegetable soup last night with veggies in that I have not been able to eat for months. Everything is new to my system again and let's face it, my "system" is new too :). Slow but sure!  Praise God for you all! For your prayers and thoughts. Thank you for your cards that totally gave me a boost! Love you all!


UPDATE 2-18-18. PRAYER- She had another diverticulitis attack on Thursday and was admitted to the hospital. They’re trying to decide whether they’re going to do surgery this coming Tuesday or Thursday so surgery will be moved up from the 26th. Pray for her caregivers physicians and staff. 


Breast Cancer & Anemia

January 01, 2018

UPDATE 6-13-18. Huggers, I am sad to inform you that Bev went home to be with the Lord this morning. Please pray for her family as they grieve.

UPDATE 2-10-18. PRAISE- Bev received our Hugs and was overcome with emotion.  They made her feel very special and loved.  The first card she opened had her favorite verse written inside!  


Biking Accident

November 01, 2017

UPDATE 3-19-18 PRAYER- TJ is still in a wheelchair. He is not strong enough to go off on his own, but is beginning to use a walker with assistance. Prayers for strength are appreciated.

UPDATE 1-15-18. Praise/Pray- He is not home yet but has been moved from a medical facility to an apartment like setting for rehab and goes home on the weekends.


Bone Marrow Transplant

October 01, 2017

UPDATE 7-23-18 PRAYER- Please be in prayer for Missy. She is having a horrible time with Graft/Host disease and a staff infection. Her skin has peeled off with varying degrees of depth over her entire body. They are treating her like a severe burn victim. She is on high doses of fentanyl and is no longer ambulatory.

UPDATE 6-25-18 PRAYER- On Wednesday she found that she has graft versus host disease. She is very uncomfortable. Her symptoms include skin rash, numb hands and feet, sores in her esophagus, swelling in her mouth making it difficult to eat, and trouble with her eyes. 
She has started treatment with a high dose of steroids which will probably effect her sleep. This week she will have some tests, meet with an eye specialist, see her bone marrow doctor, and have a biopsy of her liver.  
Because the steroids suppress her immune system, she will once again have to be very careful about germs, big crowds, and etc.  
Please pray for the symptoms to subside and that she will react well to the five new medications she will be starting.

UPDATE 3-19-18 PRAISE- Now that the virus seems to be gone for good, they have switched her meds to something easier on her system and have completely taken her off of the anti rejection drug. PRAYER- Please continue to pray for no graft/host disease and to stay healthy since she has a suppressed immune system.

UPDATE 2-28-18 PRAISE- Missy says "We received very good news at the clinic today! It looks like the virus is gone, and we need to give my insides time to heal. The doctor is switching me from IV to a pill form which means no clinic every day. It also means no needle in my port. The doctor is reducing my anti-rejection drug again, so we are still in the process of getting me off of some of these meds.

PRAYER- Please pray with us for mild graft/host symptoms if I do get them. I am still having trouble eating, so I would appreciate your continued prayers about that. 


UPDATE 2-26-18  She is traveling to the clinic each day to get an IV which takes up a big chunk of her day. She is having a lot of trouble eating, and would appreciate our prayers. Thankfully, she is still drinking fine. She is vomiting some which doesn’t help her electrolyte numbers. Overall, she is doing fine and getting around without any trouble. Tomorrow she will see the doctor, and will let us know if anything changes.

UPDATE 1-15-18  PRAISE- Her labs showed no virus! Her potassium, magnesium, and white cells are in the normal range. PRAY- A bone marrow sample was taken to see if any cancer is evident. Her hemoglobin is low which means low energy. She is fighting nausea. They are weaning her off anti-rejection drugs so we need to pray that her host cells play nice with her graft cells.

UPDATE 12-4-17:  PRAYER- Her numbers have been low. She found out today that she has a virus and is now taking an antiviral drug. Please pray that her body responds well to the medication. She doesn't want to have to go to the next step which would require injections. Thanks prayer warriors!

Kati & Miguel


September 01, 2017


Prostate Cancer

August 01, 2017

UPDATE 10-29-17. PRAISE (from Key)-  I am so very thankful for all the prayers you've sent Lord-ward on my behalf...but WOW, I was blown away by the cards you all made for me. It took a few days just to digest them all. Now I know what a blessing it is for our recipients to get handmade cards specifically for them. Blown away. Thank you all for your continued prayers. I am convinced they are the reason I am sleeping and dreaming well.


Wife died in childbirth

July 01, 2017

Craig & Cathie

Son's Suicide

June 01, 2017

UPDATE:  7-17-17:  Craig and Cathie received our Hugs and said "Thank you for the Mailbox Hugs.  They were wonderful.  Craig listened as I read. We both cried."


Multiple Cancers

May 01, 2017

UPDATE 2-26-18: PRAYER-Joan has been given 3 weeks-3months to live. Since her surgery, she has been sick with flu and pneumonia. They want to do gall bladder surgery and she said 'no'. She has also decided to stop all chemo. Please pray for her and her family as she prepares and says her goodbyes.

UPDATE 11-29-17:  PRAISE (from Joan's family)- Joan ate her first real meal since last Tuesday! This is a celebration!! She had surgery on her pancreas and liver (removing stage 4 cancer). Rush medical team has done the impossible!! She had a couple complications post-surgery which called for some minor procedures to be done, but we couldn't be more happy! We thank everyone for their kind words and prayers!

UPDATE 11-20-17:  PRAYER- On Wednesday 11-22, Joan will be having surgery to remove her spleen and tumors from her pancreas & liver. 

UPDATE 9-19-17:  PRAISE- Joan's last chemo treatment is next Tuesday.  She is feeling pretty good.  Cancer looks dormant on her PET scan.  PRAYER- She will have laser surgery the week of Thanksgiving to remove her spleen and pancrease. 

UPDATE 8-9-17:  PRAISE- Joan was able to eat after her treatment and again today.  She said she felt so much better this time (without knowing we had prayed)!  Also, her pancreatic tumor has shrunk enough that her doctor said her found a surgeon willing to try CyberKnife on her.  PRAYER- PET scan soon.

UPDATE 8-7-17:  PRAYER- Joan has a treatment tomorrow.  The last one made her so sick that even the thought of food made her ill.

UPDATE 6-26-17:  PRAISE- Joan's CAT scan showed significant improvement she is very happy and has decided to continue her treatments!

UPDATE 6-19-17:  PRAISE- Joan received our cards and said they were very uplifting.  PRAYER- She is having a difficult time and said if the CAT scan does not show improvement that she may not continue with chemo.

Dee Dee

Breast Cancer

April 01, 2017

UPDATE 5-15-17  PRAISE- Dee Dee got our Group Hug.  She said "Thank you so much for the surprise! I finished reading all of the beautiful cards and read them all again right away.  My heart is smiling. I will keep the cards with me everyday!"

UPDATE  5-5-17  PRAISE- Dee Dee is halfway through her radiation treatments and she has been able to work everyday.


Heart Surgery

March 01, 2017

UPDATE 4-25-17  PRAISE- They got our Hugs and his mom is going to put them a scrapbook.  They said they are thankful for all the prayers, cute cards, and sweet messages.  He is doing great, totally back to normal.

UPDATE 3-9-17  PRAISE- He came home from the hospital Monday & is doing great!  They have been able to go for walks outside and he isn't taking much pain medicine.

UPDATE 3-4-17  PRAISE- Kamryn's surgery went perfectly!   PRAYER- Let's continue to pray as Kamryn recovers.



February 01, 2017

UPDATE 4-12-18 PRAYER- Huggers, sadly I need to inform you that Ron(Feb '17 Hug) went home to be with the Lord on Thursday. Please pray for his wife, Dong Suk, and the rest of his family as they grieve.

UPDATE 4-6-18 PRAYER- Ron is on hospice care now. His brain tumor is actively growing so they are just trying to keep him comfortable. Please pray for Ron and his wife, Dong Suk, as they walk through this very sad time in their lives.

UPDATE 2-26-18 PRAYER- Ron's communication skills have deteriorated due to his brain tumor. The neurologist told them today that speech/language therapy won't help. He is having an EEG done tomorrow. Prayers are needed and appreciated.

UPDATE 7-17-17 PRAISE- Ron's tumor has shrunk by 1/3 of the size.!

UPDATE 4-18-17  PRAYER- Ron and his wife DongSuk just got the results from the MRI and he has more small tumors and one big one.  They inoperable.  He has an appointment with an oncologist this afternoon.  Prayers are appreciated.

UPDATE 4-3-17  PRAISE- Ron received our cards and this is the response his wife sent to my Contact. "Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and prayers as well as your team of "Mailbox Hugs". What a blessing to receive such love and prayers. You have no idea how much it means to Ron and I! As we read each card my eyes were immediately filled with tears! It came at a perfect time as we came home from his last treatment. Please thank and let your team know that we're beyond blessed and loved! Love your ministry! May God bless the Mailbox Hugs 💓."



January 01, 2017

UPDATE 7-14-17  PRAISE- Her gastroparesis has not been too bad as far as her stomach is concerned.  PRAYER- the side effect is an extremely dry mouth & throat.  At times it is so bad that she cannot speak and must constantly sip a drink.

UPDATE 2-27-17  PRAISE-  Ronnie got our cards and she has had an amazing two weeks.  She has gotten so much accomplished because she has not felt this good since 2007!  She said she is claiming it as healing from all our prayers!  WAIT...IT GETS BETTER...she has had NO PAIN AT ALL!!!  No fibromyalgia pain, no migraines, very little arthritis pain, and no stomach/digestion issues.  She's GAINED 7 pounds!  

"Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen" Ephesisans 3:20


Kidney Cancer

December 01, 2016

UPDATE 9-7-17:  PRAISE- Jennifer reported that her overall health has been good.

UPDATE 1-18-17:  PRAISE- Jennifer received our cards and she is doing much better!  They have removed the stent from her kidney and she is off all medications. Now that she is functioning normally she will go back for scans periodically to make sure all is well.

UPDATE 12-19-16:  PRAISE- Jen had 1 liter of fluid removed from her right lung and blood counts are down. She is feeling much better.  PRAYER- Pray for no increase in fluid or blood count.

UPDATE 12-7-16:  PRAISE- Jen is still at home rather than admitted to the hospital.  PRAYER-They kept the stent in her kidney and there is still fluid in her lungs. 

UPDATE 11-30-16:  PRAYER- Jennifer has an infection and fluid in her lungs. There is a risk of them collapsing. She will be reevaluated in a week.

UPDATE 11-23-16:  PRAYER- Jennifer is back in the hospital. She had a second surgery to remove blood clots and put a stent in her kidney. She will spend Thanksgiving in the hospital. PRAISE- The surgery went well.

UPDATE 11-14-16:  PRAYER- Jennifer had surgery to remove part of her kidney.  PRAISE- The surgery went smoothly.

Mike & Melanie

Mike has lung cancer

November 01, 2016

UPDATE 6-27-18. Huggers, sadly I need to inform you that Mike passed into the presence of the Lord this morning. Please continue to pray for his family.

UPDATE 6-22-18 PRAYER- Mike has not eaten in 3 days. Hospice is saying he has about a week to live at most. Family is being called in from out of state. Please pray for his wife Melanie and step daughter Amber as they say their goodbyes. Pray also that the Lord will ease his passing.

UPDATE 4-9-18 PRAYER-I'm sad to say that today Mike was given 2-3 weeks to live. He starts hospice tomorrow and is in a lot of pain. Please pray for Mike, Melanie (wife), Amber (step-daughter), and the rest of his family during this difficult time.

UPDATE 2-26-18 PRAYER- Mike had a successful 1st brain surgery. The second did not go as planned. They removed a mass, but it was sitting on top of the cancer. The cancer still needs to be removed. They are anticipating damage to or removal of his frontal lobe. The frontal lobe of the brain is responsible for our executive functioning (decision making, judgement, inhibition, problem solving). Please pray for Mike and Melanie as they make decisions concerning a third surgery and the outcome.

UPDATE 1-15-18. PRAISE- His brain surgery went great! His humor & appetite are good. He was not paralyzed on his left side which was a concern. 
PRAY- His speech, balance, and memory skills are a concern.

UPDATE 1-8-18. PRAY-  Mike is having brain surgery tomorrow, Tues. 9th at 11:30. Please pray!

UPDATE 12-1-17. PRAY- The spot radiation on the mass in his brain has been discontinued. They believe it is causing tissue necrosis and it might not be tumor growth. They have decided to stop the radiation for 2 months. At that point they will reassess the brain with another MRI. If it is necrosis he will be a candidate for brain surgery to remove the dead tissue and pressure on his brain from the growth. On October 7th they discovered that the immune treatment that he was receiving, Opdivo, caused him to develop rheumatoid arthritis. He will need to see a rheumatologist moving forward to treat the RA. It will not progress now that he is off of the Opdivo but the damage that has been done cannot be reversed. For now, he will see his oncologist every other Friday for vitals and labs. 

UPDATE 8-1-17 PRAYER- Mike's has a new mass in his brain and will receive spot radiation for it.  The treatment, Opdivo, is making his joints hurt.  Melanie was let go from her job.   PRAISE- Mike was given 6mo to live and has now outlived his diagnosis!

UPDATE 3-20-17  PRAYER- Mike's oxygen level were dangerously low and a CT scan showed advanced pneumonitis.  He was given prednisone sent home with oxygen.  Please also pray from the financial toll with has taken on Mike and his wife.

UPDATE 2-20-17  PRAYER- He was admitted to the hospital on Saturday with a high fever.  After multiple tests he was released with antibiotics.  They said he had a side effect of his first Opdivo treatment and has an infection.

UPDATE1-30-17 PRAYER- The cancer has now spread to Mike's brain in 3 masses and he is considered terminal.  He begins brain radiation soon and they are waiting to find out if it has spread elsewhere.  

UPDATE 1-12-17  PRAISE- They got our cards and it made their day!  Mike is starting to eat a decent amount and sleeping better.  PRAYER- Mike is soon to have MRI & CT scans done and hoping to be in remission. He is having bad reflux and may need a procedure done on his esophagus. He is also due to have 10 treatments of brain radiation and they are concerned about memory loss.

John, Laura, and Makayla

Makayla has seizures

October 01, 2016

UPDATE 1-12-17 Still has multiple seizures daily & has a feeding tube.



September 01, 2016

UPDATE 1-12-17 PRAYER- Kaile is not retaining potassium, if left unchecked it could cause her heart to stop.  Pray that the new doctor's ideas will help.

UPDATE 12-17-16  PRAISE- They found a doctor who understands and is willing to help. Kaile got engaged!

UPDATE 10-25-16  PRAYER- Kaile is in the hospital,  She is getting close to 90lbs.

UPDATE 8-20-16  This is what Kaile was experiencing when I first found out about her and as we were making cards.  PRAYER- 99lbs. low energy, weight loss, muscle wasting, dizziness, blackouts, falling, hair loss, itchy gums, trouble completing thoughts, and body aches.  She uses a cane & a wheelchair.

Kelsey, Casey, and Baby Nora

Nora is 6 weeks old and diagnosed with leukemia

August 01, 2016

UPDATE 8-5-16:  Baby Nora has passed. PRAYER- for family as they grieve.


Bone Cancer

July 01, 2016

UPDATE 4-25-17 PRAISE- She has been home now for about a month and last week had her feeding tube removed.  PRAYER- Please continue to pry for her physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

UPDATE 2-7-17  PRAISE-  Shelby is cancer free!  PRAYER- They are hoping to take the feeding tube out at the end of the week.  She will go back every three months for screening.  She'll also have physical therapy 3 times a week and esophagus stretching once a week for a while.

UPDATE 1-12-17 PRAISE- The tumor has shrunk and they are just continuing chemo as a preventative.  She has been moved from the cancer ward to a rehabilitation center.  The doctors believe they got the cancer on her spine. PRAYER- Shelby had a procedure done on her esophagus because it was closing up due to scar tissue from radiation. She has not been getting the nutrients she needs so they had to put in a feeding tube. 

UPDATE 10-24-16 Still in Chicago hospital and quite ill.  She and her family are emotionally and physically exhausted.

UPDATE 10-11-16  PRAYER- She is having a CT scan due to severe back pain.

UPDATE 10-4-16  PRAYER- Shelby is in a hospital in Chicago for radiation and chemo.  She has a fever, low blood platelets, and a stomach bug.

UPDATE 9-21-16  PRAISE- She came home from the hospital, fever is gone.

UPDATE 9-19-16  PRAYER- Shelby has sepsis & low blood pressure.

UPDATE 9-17-16:  PRAYER- Admitted to hospital with a fever & dehydration, moved to ICU with low blood pressure.

UPDATE 8-26-16:  PRAISE- It  appears the CANCER IS GONE!  PRAYER- Continued radiation.


Stage 4 Cancer

April 01, 2016

UPDATE 4-6-18 PRAYER- Latest scans show the only remaining tumor/cancer cells (that they can see) is the one giant one in his lungs. They've decided to continue aggressive treatment and start a high dose of targeted radiation for 2 weeks. 

PRAISE-  No major side effects to be concerned about, and as a bonus as the radiation starts to kill & breaks apart the remaining tumor, his immune system should get a boost to attack & kill off any other lingering cancer cells that are too small to detect!! 

UPDATE 10-25-17. PRAISE-  Thanks for your continued prayers. Mike's battle is still going well.  Prayers for recovery are being heard, and the meds are doing there job.

UPDATE 9-25-17 PRAISE- No news = great news! Finally got last weeks scan results in! Mike's scans are showing to be stable so new meds are working! More good news his blood work has been stable so now he only goes biweekly instead of weekly! Thank you all for the continued prayers.

UPDATE 5-10-17 PRAISE- Michael was discharged.  The pain was pericarditis (inflammation of the sac around the heart).

UPDATE 5-8-17  PRAYER- Michael is back in the hospital with stabbing pain just under his rib cage on the left side.  It has been going on for several days.  They are going to do a CT scan.

UPDATE 5-7-17  PRAISE- Last scans and blood work show no new growths.  They have slowly raised his chemo dose from 60% to 80% and now back to 100% with liver function still improving.  PRAYER- For continued pain management.

UPDATE 2-20-17  PRAISE- Michael was release from the hospital.  His liver markers are down & kidney markers are back to normal. Abdominal CT scan and pericardium tests came back "All clear".  PRAYER- Ask the Lord to help the doctors find the lowest dose of chemo pills to keep fighting the cancer without destroying his liver.

UPDATE 2-14-17  PRAYER- Mike was admitted to the hospital late last night in severe pain.  Blood tests showed his liver enzymes have increased since his test last Thursday.  We need to pray that there are no new cancer cells and no new growth.  

UPDATE 2-7-17  PRAYER- Mike was having constant chest pain and his cardiologist found fluid between his heart and the sack that hold the heart (pericardium).  He had surgery on Feb. 2nd to drain the fluid.  There are several prayer requests in this situation 1) Because Mike was managing his pain with Tylenol it has caused stomach and liver issues. We need to pray that his stomach and liver heal.  2) They are sending the fluid and tissue for analysis to establish at the root cause.  It is believed that the fluid was caused by his cancer medication.  The cancer medication has done an awesome job fighting the tumors.  We need to pray as his oncologist determines what course will now be taken to fight the cancer.  3) Pray for Mike as he heals from this surgery.

PRAISE- The surgery went well & Mike is feeling good at this point in his recovery. Also, they have found a better way to manage his pain with "real meds".  Mike is now recovering at home.

UPDATE 1-30-17 PRAISE- Mike had an upper endoscopy done just to check things and the doctors found nothing!  PRAYER- Blood work is being done to check liver function.  His last results were alarming due to his high doses of Tylenol.  Please pray that his liver will heal and that they find an alternative way of effectively managing his pain without further damaging his liver.

UPDATE 1-25-17 PRAISE- The MRI showed no new growths and some shrinkage.  PRAYER- Mike is dealing with a lot of chest pain.  He has an appointment with the pulmonologist and a pain management specialist.

UPDATE 1-17-17 PRAYER-Mike is having scans this week. Pray for good results. Also, he is taking new meds and with them have come new side effects.

UPDATE 12-14-16  PRAISE- Stealth MRI before radiosurgery showed NO NEW TUMOR AT ALL!!!!  Read about it on our Facebook page!

UPDATE 12-9-16 PRAISE- Appointments with neurosurgeon & radiation oncologist went well and got in quickly. PRAYER- upcoming radiosurgery,

UPDATE 12-1-16  PRAISE- All existing tumors are almost gone or too small to see.  PRAYER- A new tumor has appeared that will require radiosurgery to get rid of it.


UPDATE 10-17-16:  PRAISE- No new news, doing great!

UPDATE 9-8-16:  PRAISE- Tumors are shrinking!  PRAYER- Small ring of active cells left around lung tumor.

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