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June 2017 Group Hug

Well, the mom has gotten through another crazy May, and now it's time for a new Group Hug.

I wouldn't normally ask our group to make sympathy cards, but two of our Huggers have lost a family member to suicide. Tara's cousin (Debbie's nephew), Cody, took his own life 3 weeks ago and Tara has asked for prayers and cards for her aunt and uncle. Craig and Cathie are believers who want everyone to know that one bad decision can change your life. Cody's bad decision was trying drugs in his youth and he suffered the rest of his life because of it.

If you haven't lost a family member to suicide, you don't know this unique pain. Please treat these grieving parents gently. Cards of sympathy, praying for you, sorry for your loss, and thinking of you would be wonderful, and of course lots of prayers! Thanks in advance Huggers!

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