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November 2018 Group Hug

Put down that leftover Halloween candy; it's time for a new Hug! I'm excited to announce that this month we'll be Hugging the families of the Ronald McDonald House. Because the families will receive our Hugs in early December, I'm asking everyone to make a Christmas card.

**Your Attention Please** We have some Dos and Don'ts to follow. The Ronald McDonald House requests that we: DON'T- put any Scripture in/on the cards. DON'T- talk about the child's illness, the rough time they're having, or use the phrase "Get well" DO- make your card upbeat & lighthearted OK- to say "praying for you" or "in my thoughts & prayers"

We're being asked to use general winter & Christmas themed images and greetings. Please respect their wishes and stay away from nativity scenes or "Jesus is the Reason for the Season". There are a plethora of other images and greetings we can use. The whole point of these Hugs is to bring holiday cheer, love, and prayers to these families.

The Ronald McDonald House we're praying for has 57 rooms and generally services 40-50 families during any given month. To find out more about this House please visit:

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