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August 2017 Group Hug

Ok Huggers, it's August 1st and time for a new Group Hug. This month we'll be Hugging our own group member, Key. Key has been put to the test this past year with everything from career decisions to car problems; yet he trusts the Lord to direct his path. The path got bumpier this past spring when Key found out he has prostate cancer. Praise the Lord, it is slow growing, but all these tests have wiped out Key's funds and has taken a toll on his morale.

Key needs encouragement and prayers! We have the opportunity to be specific with our prayers, so let's pray concerning:

1) Key's need for funds to pursue treatment

2) Wisdom in career decisions and treatment options

3) Healing

Key loves paper crafting and calligraphy so let's make him some beautiful cards!

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